“An invaluable experience” (Work: Brand Strategy & Logo Design)

"Lucie’s Brand Strategy helped me narrow down areas that I wasn’t clear about and to focus on my brand, helping me to discover my priorities and strongest values. I really enjoyed the process as it was 100% interactive and felt like team-work, working towards achieving a goal. Lucie is great to work with, friendly, professional, passionate, and hardworking. It was an invaluable experience, the result of her work added even more value to the work we had started during the workshop, as it includes further strategic insights which I was able to start implementing straight away. This really helped me focus and be clear moving forward with the growth of my business." - Electra Japonas, Founder, The Law Boutique, Legal Advice, www.thelawboutique.co.uk


"Every word said was extremely valuable and helpful" (Work: Branding Health Check)

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-Andrea Galambos, Founder, DENTART, Dental Practice www.dentartlondon.co.uk


“Lucie is brilliant to work with, thorough, making things works right,
with an unquestionable work ethic” (Work: Brand Strategy & Logo Design)

“It was very good to work with Bonjour Lucie, who helped us with building a brand strategy for our new business as well as starting to design the face of our brand. Lucie is brilliant to work with, very thorough, making things works right, with an unquestionable work ethic. The brand strategy was great: the strategy workshop was more and better than what we were expecting. It gave us all the clarity we needed for our business and helped us envision our brand clearly. After that, there was no more confusion about our brand and the direction it needed to take. Lucie’s high attention to detail was what made the biggest difference in the result for both the process of building our brand strategy and creating the design of our brand. We’re really happy with the result of this collaboration and we’re looking forward to work again with her.” -Chichi Obi, Founder, DOLCHIVIC ltd, Hair Care and Network Marketing


“Invaluable, useful and helpful in kick starting the next phase of growth for my brand”
(Work: Branding Health Check)

“The branding health check Lucie delivered was really invaluable. The overall process was great: the questionnaire was easy to fill and did make me take the time to think about my brand and goals which was a good thing. Although I didn’t have any pre-conceived expectations in terms of output as I had never done anything like it before, I found our meeting and the information Lucie gave me useful and helpful in kick starting the next phase of growth and development for my brand.”
-Sophie Thorne, Founder & CEO, TWISTED Lingerie, Fashion, www.twistedlingerie.co.uk


"An invaluable session, would absolutely recommend" (Work: Branding Health Check)

Rosie Cook, Founder of Deakin & Blue (Women's Sports Fashion Swimwear Brand) 
About her experience getting the Branding Health Check:

On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being poor-5 being high) how more likely you are to recommend the Branding Health Check? 
5 - Would absolutely recommend.

Did you discovered anything during that session? 
Yes - lots but the main takeaways for me were 1. That I was not communicating my USPs clearly enough on my website. 2. That my brand personas had lots in common that i should leverage in my communication with them and 3. That my content on social media was good and that I should continue with this style.

Was the content delivered helpful? How did it helped you? 
Incredibly helpful. It was clearly recommendation based and I have optimised my homepage following the feedback, as well as dived more deeply into understanding my buyer personas.

How was the process for you? (having to fill the form & then meeting)
The process was very straightforward. I found the questions on the form thought provoking and then thoroughly enjoyed the follow up meeting and took lots away from it. I liked that Lucie came to the meeting with lots of thoughts and ideas based on my brand, having reviewed my answers - it made for a very informed and fruitful discussion.

If you enjoyed it or didn’t, in any way can you please tell us why? 
I really did enjoy it. I found the recommendations to be really well informed and relevant which was incredibly useful. I also enjoyed the discussion itself - it gave me lots of food for thought and I left feeling really motivated about my business.

Anything that you particularly want to highlight? 
I really valued hearing my USPs played back as it helped me to hear them afresh and also to spot what I wasn't communicating clearly enough!

What’s the one single thing/advice/comment that you take out of it and that truly makes an impact right now with your business (please also tell us why+how)?
I found the feedback around my USPs and the need to articulate them more prominently on my website the most useful thing and I have updated my website accordingly to reflect the feedback - so really tangible recommendations!

Last note or comment? 
Found the session invaluable - Many thanks.


“Working with Bonjour Lucie is smooth and easy” (Work: On-going Marketing Materials)

“Bonjour Lucie has been designing our marketing materials for a while now - across print and online - and we are so happy with the results. Lucie took no time at all to understand the brand's look and feel, and she is great at taking our brief and turning it into something that works. Working with Bonjour Lucie is smooth and easy, and Lucie always meets our deadlines, no matter how tight they might be! We look forward to continuing to work with them, for both Purple Yolk and brand and design projects for our clients.”
- Nicole Lyons, Founder, Purple Yolk, Marketing Consultancy, www.purpleyolk.co.uk


Some of our clients


 "A valuable resource (...) completing work to a high standard" 
(Work: On-going Marketing and in-house design)

‘Lucie has proved to be a valuable resource in supporting our design/technical and marketing teams, assisting in the completion of a range of technical paraphernalia and marketing collaterals, using a range of Adobe CS applications. Lucie has been easy to communicate with, responding well to the briefs given to her, completing work to a high standard as well as contributing her own ideas to the business. Lucie works efficiently and diligently and always meets project deadlines.’ 
- Alex Palgrave, Creative and Design Director, Original BTC, www.originalbtc.com

 "We are very happy with the outcome" (Work: On-going Marketing)

"Lucie worked on an original brochure design for our new marketing materials, we are very happy with the outcome and really look forward to seeing it in print as a well." - Romesh Muthiah, Director, Central Housing Group "CHG", Letting Agency,