When it comes to building a successful business, there are so many elements to consider. A good product, a strong business plan, a way to handle finances. These are all important.

What about graphics?

Graphic design is one of the key elements that can impact whether a business is successful or not. Often a business has everything it needs to succeed, but good, appropriate and effective visual communication is overlooked. Then they wonder why business isn’t taking off the way they hoped it would. So why is this important?

The eyes come first and foremost.
We mustn’t forget that we discover things using our eyes. It comes before listening or smelling, or touching. Looking at the world around us is the first thing we do to understand it, and this is why you should care about how your company looks.

How you look should represent who you are. It should reflect what you want to be seen as, what you want to be known for, what your values are and how you want to share them with the world. Thinking that it is just about looking nice is the first mistake to make when it comes to graphic design.

Everything we design in graphic design has to make sense. From the choice of fonts we use to the colours, to how we’re filling the page, and what type of imagery we’ll use. Everything has to make sense because graphic design has to serve your business and get your message across.

Use it as a filter for your business. If well thought-out and well-executed, graphic design can not only establish your business’s success but also help to make all sorts of creative and business decisions a lot easier.

Example - envision this.

Imagine you want to open a luxurious showroom to sell expensive and high quality shoes:

but your visual communication looks like Primark communication.

Will you reach the people you want to reach? Unlikely so.

Will the people you reach want to buy your product?
Not particularly. The product and service you are offering isn’t reflected in your communications. It’s confusing which only stops them from trusting your brand.

Will the audience you are trying to target want to try your product? No, because they aren’t looking for what you are offering. Or at least they don’t think that your products are for them because of the way it’s being communicated. And it works the other way round!

Trust us though, it’s not just about looking cheap or high-end. It’s way more than that.

Colours have a meaning. The type of font you are using has a meaning. The way you display products has a meaning. Even your photography style will say something about your brand.

Ask yourself this question: if you had to go out in the street to talk to strangers and sell them your product/service, how would you dress and how would you talk so people understand and trust you instantly? This is what this is about. It’s about being clear on what you offer so that it’s easy to understand who and what you are, and therefore build brand trust.

Eventually, the right customers will come to you by themselves because the way you’re « talking » to them will make sense to them and they will want to trust you and be part of what you have to offer.

TO SUM UP: Good and intelligent graphic design helps to spread the right message, to reach the right audience and to stand out of the crowd by being authentic.