Hello, hello and Welcome to our FIRST EVER BLOG POST!

We are very excited about opening the doors to this new space that (we hope) will help you to reflect, understand, laugh and inspire you to get to see the power of graphic design.

In this blog, you will find three different themes that we are really happy to reveal to you today.

  • The first main theme you will discover soon is ‘Top tips for small and medium businesses’:
    We want to offer tools and guidance for business owners regarding how to handle their visual communication. We will be kicking things off with WHAT is graphic design and WHY is it important for your business. You will find a series of ‘Fundamentals of’ designs to help you to manage your visual communication without getting lost. We will also talk about how hiring a freelance designer to help you can be worth budgeting for, and how to spot the right designer for you and your company.


  • The second main theme of this blog will be ‘Behind the scene of a designer’s life’ which will provide more of a personal perspective on where we get our inspiration from, what it is like to work as a designer, how we work at Bonjour Lucie, things we hear all the time, and what we find challenging.


  • Finally, a third smaller category will be to cover the news and events we will attend throughout the year. You’ll be informed in advance where we are going, what hot trade events are coming up, and we will share reviews on the events and what we found interesting.


We hope that you will enjoy this and find the content useful. We invite you to comment, ask questions and make suggestions about topics you’d like to hear about! This blog is to engage a conversation with you, so, talk to you soon!

As a starter, we'd like to offer you this video we created about "what is graphic design".