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Who's this blog for?
What's this blog about?

If you:
-are a small or medium business or part of a startup or an individual starting a business
-want to understand the power of well managed graphics in business (and in life?)
-want to get key points about graphic design
-find out how you can handle your own visual communication
-get tips to use the best of your brand visual identity
-get "straight to the point" infos on DO's and DON'Ts with the design and communication of your business
-find out how you can get a better target audience and/or THE audience you want

If this sounds familiar then you might want to stay in touch with us as we're launching our blog very soon and 2017 will be full of TOP TIPS about graphic design and visual communication for businesses!

From how to create your visuals for social media without ruining your identity to using the power of your brand identity to get your target audience to come to you by itself! 

We're really excited and can't wait to share all this content we've been preparing for you!