A branding health check is the process to take a look at a business's branding and visual communication, compare it to the business goals, values and target audience and analyse that it's all relevant and make sense altogether. It is a fast-effective process to tune in with a business brand and check where it does well and where and how it could improve its communication.


Nobody needs a Branding health check. People are free to create the business they want by figuring it out along the way. But if you want your business to make a difference, start generating revenue much faster, and stand a chance against your competition, we’d advise you to ensure that all your communication is aligned with your brand, target, and goals, in order to create an holistic brand experience for your target customers and starting to build trust much faster with them. 

This branding health check process is a tool that will help you to figure out if your communication is relevant, effective and aligned with your brand and goals, as well as how to improve it.


-If you have created your brand and identity (visuals, design) all by yourself and you'd like to have a professional eye on it to confirm that it all makes sense and is aligned with your goals.

-If you are struggling with branding and/or design and needs help with it but currently can't invest in a full project and would like help to make it better as much as you can by yourself.

-If you've been using the same visual identity and branding for more than 3 years and your audience or services or goals (or all), have since changed and you'd like to assess if what you're currently doing/what you have now is aligned with your current goals, audience, and aspirations.

-If you feel like you're doing a lot of hard-work for your brand's communication but you're not getting the result you'd expect.

-If you know that you need to improve your branding and/or identity but you are too busy to hire someone to get into it with you: this is a fast-effective and easy to implement solution for you.


-If you've worked with a design agency to create your identity and work on your branding at some point in the past 2 years.
-If you've just rebranded. 
-If you're happy with your brand and its communication as it is! 
-If you already know the work that needs changes that you need to do but need a supplier to execute the work
-If you don't want to do implementation yourself


By the end of the process, you'll have a detailed report of an analysis of all your communication. It will be stating what works, what doesn't work and why as well as, and what you can do to improve it in a fast-effective, intelligent and easy way, to improve your communication as soon as possible and match your goals for your business. The goal with it is to provide you with solutions that you can implement yourself (and limit your expenses in suppliers) and if applied straight away, to see better results soon after.


The branding health check works in 4 steps:

  1. You'll be required to answer a certain amount of targeted questions (through a form document) that will help me to understand your business inside out and have the necessary references to do my analysis. 
  2. I will analyse your communication and brand design and compare it the answer you gave me and will create a report that will state what's right and what's to improve.
  3. We'll meet for a 1 to 2 hours meeting, where I will go through the report in depth with you and give you additional guidance, tips and clear actions to do next to improve your brand's communication.
  4. 2 weeks after-sale service: I will be available to answer any follow-up question you'll have via email so that while you're implementing the solution we talked about, you can also double check with me if what you did works. I will then tune-in with you one last time through a phone call at the end of the 2 weeks following our report delivery meeting.


For Athena members and business owners referred by an Athena member only:

Athena & referred:  £299

regular price:            £399


“Invaluable, useful and helpful in kick starting the next phase of growth for my brand”

The branding health check Lucie delivered was really invaluable. The overall process was great: the questionnaire was easy to fill and did make me take the time to think about my brand and goals which was a good thing. Although I didn’t have any pre-conceived expectations in terms of output as I had never done anything like it before, I found our meeting and the information Lucie gave me useful and helpful in kick starting the next phase of growth and development for my brand.” 
-Sophie Thorne, Founder & CEO, TWISTED Lingerie, Fashion, www.twistedlingerie.co.uk

Everyword said was extremely valuable and helpful. 

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-Athena Member Andrea Galambos, Founder at DentArt, Dental Practice www.dentartlondon.co.uk

"An invaluable session, would absolutely recommend" 

Rosie Cook, Founder of Deakin & Blue (Women's Sports Fashion Swimwear Brand) 
About her experience getting the Branding Health Check:

On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being poor-5 being high) how more likely you are to recommend the Branding Health Check? 
5 - Would absolutely recommend.

Did you discovered anything during that session? 
Yes - lots but the main takeaways for me were 1. That I was not communicating my USPs clearly enough on my website. 2. That my brand personas had lots in common that i should leverage in my communication with them and 3. That my content on social media was good and that I should continue with this style.

Was the content delivered helpful? How did it helped you? 
Incredibly helpful. It was clearly recommendation based and I have optimised my homepage following the feedback, as well as dived more deeply into understanding my buyer personas.

How was the process for you? (having to fill the form & then meeting)
The process was very straightforward. I found the questions on the form thought provoking and then thoroughly enjoyed the follow up meeting and took lots away from it. I liked that Lucie came to the meeting with lots of thoughts and ideas based on my brand, having reviewed my answers - it made for a very informed and fruitful discussion.

If you enjoyed it or didn’t, in any way can you please tell us why? 
I really did enjoy it. I found the recommendations to be really well informed and relevant which was incredibly useful. I also enjoyed the discussion itself - it gave me lots of food for thought and I left feeling really motivated about my business.

Anything that you particularly want to highlight? 
I really valued hearing my USPs played back as it helped me to hear them afresh and also to spot what I wasn't communicating clearly enough!

What’s the one single thing/advice/comment that you take out of it and that truly makes an impact right now with your business (please also tell us why+how)?
I found the feedback around my USPs and the need to articulate them more prominently on my website the most useful thing and I have updated my website accordingly to reflect the feedback - so really tangible recommendations!

Last note or comment? 
Found the session invaluable - Many thanks.

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