Hello, my name is Lucie. I’m a Brand Strategist and Creative Director. I believe that everyone should be able to access the necessary help they need to build their brand and grow their business.

Welcome to Bonjour Lucie, where we work with business owners who want to make a change, and believe they deserve the best services and people to help them to succeed. Bonjour Lucie delivers thorough and effective Brand Strategies, Creative Communications and Design Solutions, to small and medium business owners at various stages of their journey, to build authentic brands and communications that drive business growth and make an impact.


Lucie Chiocchetti


After several interactions with small business owners, and having experienced their frustration with spending vast amounts of time and money to develop and communicate their brand, with no significant results, Bonjour Lucie was launched in 2016.

Creating Bonjour Lucie allowed me to develop my own methodology in working thoroughly with clients, helping them unleash their potential to create powerful, innovative, effective and meaningful brands.


I work with small and medium business owners, as it allows me to work directly at the root of the business and create an authentic brand. It’s also extremely rewarding to see almost instant results, as the work delivered can be implemented straight away.

With the right tools, small and medium businesses have the power to make a change in tomorrow’s world and Bonjour Lucie is here to be the partner that helps them.


Brand Strategy

Working with you to develop and define your brand and what it stands for. This can be an initial concept, or in some cases, clarifying your brand or a brand refresh to reflect the brand as it stands today.

Brand identity 

Applying the insights from the brand strategy, and working with you to design your brand visual identity, to use across all of your brand’s communications.

Go-to-market communications

Once you have your brand’s strategy and identity, helping to ensure you have everything you need to take it to market successfully.


Client Care
We have our clients’ best interests at heart, as well as their business goals. We want to help them grow and for their brand to thrive.

Bonjour Lucie strives for clarity and firmly stands to offer radical transparency in everything we say and do. This can be seen in every step of the process. Our scope of work is agreed with our clients upfront, to ensure everyone involved knows what to expect and when.

We aim to be as flexible as we can, in order to adapt to our clients’ needs and add the utmost value.


Lucie Chiocchetti, Founder

Lucie Chiocchetti, Founder

Lucie studied visual communication in one of the leading schools of communication and design in Bordeaux, France (ECV). She graduated with a BA(Hons) in Art Direction and Graphic Design and then went on to undertake a Masters Degree in Creative Direction.

Excited by the UK graphic design industry and business culture, she set her sights on London after graduation. She gained invaluable experience in her industry and developed her expertise in various environments, from in-house studios to branding agencies.

It wasn’t long before she had to face reality in her industry - those with her skillset were often disempowered and the work ethic that drove her was far from being integral to that environment.

Determined to make a change, and confident that a better way of doing her job was possible, she put her own methodology and process into practice, in order to help those who needed her expertise the most.